A Detailed Neuer Capital Review

Our this review on the Neuer Capital will revolve around clearing the air around some rumours that are doing the rounds in the market. Neuer Capital is a brokerage firm that offers all major cryptocurrencies as their main line of products. We will look at why what is being spread as rumors and is in the public eye is incorrect and will showcase their products and the features along with some comparisons.

Cryptocurrency trading is an amazing thing and going by the return of investments and turnover rates with investing in the Cryptocurrency, you can easily make Cryptocurrency trading as your main job. Until very recently there were very few options for you to participate and involve yourself in crypto trading. You would not have known when to invest and trade and how much. But thanks to Neuer Capital, you now get a hoard of options, features and services that you never thought existed.

But before we move on to the amazing features and everything else that looks good about this trading platform, let us bust some of the rumors that creates apprehensions in the minds of the new traders in the market.

Verdict: Neuer Capital is NOT a Scam, It’s a Safe and Trustworthy Trading Platform

This trading platform has been largely perceived as a scam and nobody knows the source of the rumor. The reason for the rumour is in the argument given by some of the trading players online that the company does not have a regulatory license in the Domnician Commonwealth. That creates doubts, fears and apprehensions in the minds of the traders that the company is not genuine and there will be delays in payments and no payments at all if you invest your money through the platform. As a result many traders are devoid of the amazing features and benefits of the trading platform by believing on rumors even before they could use it themselves.

Neuer Capital is a Reliable Trading Platform.

Neuer Capital is a relatively new company and there are absolutely no issues in terms of leverage, withdrawals and spreads, as everything happens on time. So there is no truth around the doubts that the payouts do not happen or are delayed. Even after being comparatively new in the market, Neuer Capital has done exceedingly well in making an impact amongst its customers for all the services and features that it offers.

Now, the next part of our Neuer Capital Review – The Platform features and services.

The Platform

When it comes to a trading platform, the first thing any trader would check is whether it is simple to use. No trader would like to spend hours trying to figure out how the platform works and where to click and what does the menus show, etc. Neuer trading platform is extremely simple in design and is something that can be understood even by a layman. Maybe this is an attempt to make the platform easy to use and convenient for the beginners, extra care has been taken to make the trading platform lucid.

Along with being very simple and lucid, the platform also allows the integration with technical factors and makes it usable from a statistical point of view by the use of TradingView Charts. So, you get all the indicators that are affecting your trade along with your current trading window available right at one place and at a glance. That makes trading look like a breeze on a comparatively new platform that you have never seen before.

To help you trade, Neuer Capital allows you to choose some plans and based on the plans the services are made available to you. Let us look at the various account types that you get with Neuer

Account Types

Usually the platforms and companies involved in trading will offer one, two or maybe three plans for the customers to start trading as the sole purpose of a brokerage platform is to get the commission from between and having one or two plans is enough to solve the purpose. But that is not the case with Neuer . With this platform a customer has the options to choose from as many as six options. This is an incredible way of diversifying and classifying the consumer base and making sure that the consumers pay for exactly what they want, nothing less or nothing more.

With account types, even if you are a pro in trading it is always best to start with a basic plan and then move up as and when you think it’s time to move up with the plans. All the account options come with perks, privileges and advantages that are extremely useful for the traders. These include trading signals, expert traders, personal account managers, so and so forth. Go through their website for all the plans in detail but one thing is sure that you will get the best services with all the plans.

Deposits & Withdrawals

This feature is another important aspect that makes or breaks a trading platform. A trading platform will lose a lot of users if any one of these options are not up to the mark.


When it comes to the deposits, Neuer Capital has only a couple of deposit modes which are Wire Transfer & Credit Card. Given the fact that these two modes are the most used mode of deposits, this restriction or limitation that the platform seems to have may be overlooked. A customer needs to make an initial deposit that starts with €250 to get his account activated and then the can start the trade and deposit as and when it is needed. That’s the easy part.

But what you might have been waiting for is the Withdrawal but as we mentioned there are safe withdrawal procedures too.


One of the major reasons why there have been those rumors on the internet about Neuer Capital might have been the withdrawal policies with the trading platform. There is a lot of personal information that is required from the trader which includes any photo ID card such as a driver’s licence or any ID with an ID number on it. Along with that the platform also needs the trader to submit a proof of address along with a photograph of your credit card that features both sides of it.

And all those details that need to be provided to make the withdrawal a little complicated procedure but almost all platforms have the same processes, so you may have to live with it. Also providing the credit card photo may look controversial and phishy but that is again a requirement by many traders to facilitate withdrawals and are particularly helpful if you need to make large withdrawals.

The processing times for withdrawals is 3 to 7 calendar days but it usually happens sooner than that, i.e in approximately 3 days time. The best part is that there are no fees associated with deposits as well as withdrawals.

How is the leverage and spread?

Though the leverage is not made public by the platform but through confirmed sources and customers on the platform the leverage they offer is as high as 1:100. And therefore, the early birds and entrants who came in early are now comfortably poised and enjoying very high dividends. Further to add as an advantage the platform has a surprisingly low spread with currency pairs such as ETH/USD and BTC/USD of 0.1 pips.

The company is pretty well connected and offers a wide spectrum of services and tools that is commendable and a job well done for a relatively new trading platform.

The Features that Stand Out.

Of all the features, the features that Stand out and apart are the support and help materials the company tries to provide for beginners. These range from video chart analysis, technical analysis, weekly market reviews, and many other helpful tools. These tools and charts equip you with the knowledge and the insights you need to make informed decisions of trading at the right time and at the right place. Besides, the trading signals that you receive via SMS also help a lot and sometimes can really help you earn big profits.

Our Verdict

With all that has been said and talked about Neuer Capital to declare it as scam, every claim seems to be baseless and false. In our review of the platform, it provided us with ample proofs that it is running successfully and is operating well within the local regulatory framework and in compliance with the global laws.

The withdrawal policies, may look like an overwhelming thing to do and may also spark some controversy but those policies are necessary to prevent money laundering and other financial crimes.

With all the amazing features and some of the options such as MobileTrader and WebTrader, this platform emerges as a clear winner. This gives the traders the ease and convenience of monitoring their trades and immediate access to their trading terminals while on the move.

  • So, whether you are a beginner or a veteran in the world of cryptocurrency trading, Neuer Capital is going to be just perfect for all your trading requirements. So, ignore the rumors and opt for the best to get the best!!